Welcome Spring 2017 Students. On this page you will find a list of updates to the web site as the semester moves along. Be sure to check it frequently to stay on top of what we`re doing in class.

First thing you should do, is to sign up on this web site so you can view your grades, and submit assignments online. Click on the "My Grades" link on the left, and then click on the "create account" link. Do it now because you won`t be able to once we have our first quiz. Takes less than a minute.


Web Updates

12/07/17 - Here is a set of practice exams for next week`s final.

Basic Exam for Chi-square
Exam for Chi-square with answers.

Basic Exam for Correlation and Regression with answers.

In addition there will be problems like the ones on the Chi-square and Correlation worksheets posted on the Resources pages for chapters 9 & 11.


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